Solid Carbide Cutting Bits


Cut fired glazes, bisque and porcelain without chipping.

Works on ceramics & porcelain bisque, glazes, stoneware, greenware, glass, wood, tile, plastic, cement.

  • Place holes accurately.
  • Special Fishtail tip will not dance on surface.
  • Drills perfect holes every time.
  • Open glaze-filled holes.
  • Slot banks in bisque, glaze, and greenware.

The solid carbide cutting bits are available in three popular sizes, 1/8″, 3/32″, and 1/8″ shank. All bits will produce professional results for any size hole and also cut any shape or design necessary.  The 1/8″ shank fits standard motor tools, such as Dremel, Foredom, and Craftsman.

Hole Sizes - Solid Carbide Cutting Bits

A. #4011  –  1/16″ Bit

Best for precision work. (Salt & pepper holes, bevel doll eyes, etc.)

B. #4012  –  3/32″ Bit

Recommended for lighter cuts, where improved workpiece finish is desirable. (Pen lights, doll arm and leg slots, etc.)

C. #4013  –  1/8″ Bit

Designed with extra strength necessary for fast, free cutting.  (General purpose, open doll body holes, Christmas tree light holes, bank slots, lamp cord holes, deburr lamp pipe threads after cuttings, etc.)

#4010  –  Solid Carbide Bit Set

Includes one of each size above PLUS Three Bonus Greenware Bits (#4052)

Pricing Table - Solid Carbide Cutting Bits



Additional information

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × .35 in


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