Grizzly Ceramic/Porcelain Bisque Sanding Pads



Use on porcelain and ceramic to quickly smooth seam lines

  • Flexible and durable, this pad will outlast 10 pieces of ordinary sand paper.
  • May be used wet or dry.
  • Pads have two color coded sides, coarse and fine.
  • These non-clogging sanding pads wipe clean for continual use.

Red Ceramic Pad:

120/220 and 220/100 grit. Best grit combination for removal and smoothing of ceramic bisque seam lines. Will not scratch bisque. Use the red Grizzly Pad to clean a seam line even if it is fired into bisque. If your delicate pieces are breaking when cleaned in the greenware state, simply fire them into bisque and sand out the bisque seam line using the red pad.

Yellow Porcelain Pad:

280/400 grit. Best grit combination for smoothing porcelain bisque. Will not scratch bisque. Also used on soft fire porcelain to quickly smooth seam lines.

Orange Porcelain Finishing Pad:

600/800 grit. Extra fine grit pad for final buff finishing of porcelain bisque. Removes shiny spots on porcelain.

Pricing Table - Grizzly Ceramic/Porcelain Bisque Sanding Pads

The higher the grit number, the finer the grit (220 grit finer than 1oo grit)

Tip: Other uses:

Don’t throw out chipped or nicked crystal. Ceramic pads will smooth sharp edges or chips in glass. Excellent for woodworkers, tole painters, etc.


Additional information

Weight .0625 lbs
Dimensions 4 × .25 × 3 in


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