Doll Maker’s Diamond Bit Kit #6045


A Doll Makers Best Friend – Working on Fine Porcelain

A $54.50 Value, Yours for only $43.95

  • Grind out large areas with #6041.
  • Drill small holes in fired porcelain such as earring and breast plate holes with #6052.
  • Bevel eye, arm, leg holes with #6030
  • Grind between fingers, corner of mouth, eyes etc. with #6150
  • Remove excess material from fired porcelain with all.
  • Grind porcelain imperfections with all.


Contains the following:

#6150  –  Diamond Point  –  $12.00 value

Remove excess material from corners of mouths and eyes, and between fingers.

(Do not use as a drill.)

#6030  –  X-Large Diamond Ball  –  $12.00 value 

Bevel eyes, make indentations on porcelain or ceramic to adhere jewelry.

#6041  –  1/4″ Diamond Cylinder   –  $15.00 value

Enlarges holes quickly.

Side cutting to smooth and bevel porcelain arm holes and slots.

Grind imperfections in porcelain

#6052  –  Diamond Core Drill  –  $12.00 value

Drill doll earring and breast plate hole.

Use side of drill to enlarge hole.

#4052  –  Earring Drill  –  $3.50 value

Drill earring holes on porcelain greenware without fracturing greenware.

Clean hole without fracturing greenware.

Can not be used to drill fired Porcelain! Greenware ONLY!

#9290  –  Eye Dropper  –  $.50 value



Additional information

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 7 × .35 × .35 in


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