Diamond Bits for Engraving Porcelain, Glass, Glazes, Metal


A. #6020  –  Flame  –  Detail, filling patterns.

B. #6021  –  Larger Ball  –  Preparatory work, outlining, stippling, sectioning.

C. #6022  –  Spear  –  Shading, used to obtain a uniform white surface in glass.

D. #6023  –  Small Ball  –  Fine engraving lines, contours.

E. #6024  –  Football  –  Shading, hatching

Above diamonds require 1/16″ collet #482 to fit Dremels and other motor tools.

Any drill listed above  –  $7.95

#6025  –  Set of 5  –  $29.95

#482  –  Collet 1/16″  –  $3.50

  • Create detailed designs through and underglaze without chipping.  Paint ceramic bisque black and engrave into bisque.  The white  bisque will show through, revealing the pattern.
  • Fine detail cutting, scraffito, carving, and engraving on wood, glass, ceramic glaze and bisque, porcelain, jade, and hard woods.
  • Engrave porcelain (china) plates. Etch your designs free hand or use a pattern. To use a pattern, first place graphite paper on the plate.  Place the pattern on the top of the graphite and then tape it down into place.  Using a pencil, trace the pattern. Remove the paper and you will have your pattern ready to etch.
  • Etching with the diamond bit on the flexible shaft offers excellent control and flexibility.

Additional information

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × .35 in


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