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Truebite was incorporated 1985 and is proud to have a long history of creatively solving issues before they become problems.

Research and development of our products by our founder started in 1979, Ed Calafut was working on his home and needed to de-grout bathroom tiles.  He quickly became frustrated with the tools and options available and created a custom cutting tool to assist in this process and the company was born. Over the next several years a variety of cutting tools, drills, and grinding bits were developed from various abrasives, carbide and diamonds. The tools continue to support the ceramic industry, hobbyists and tradesmen.  Several of his patents and designs are still in use by many of the leading tool and bit companies today.

With the changing economy of the early 1990s, the quickly expanding global market as a result of the Internet, and a decrease in demand from hobbyists, the team at Truebite was looking for the next big thing to sustain its early growth as a company.  While experimenting with some new abrasive technology for Mylar ceramic sanding pads, Truebite developed a branding process which allowed them to include their name and logo on the sanding pads.  This technology was the basis for the creation of Fotofiles.  The ability to produce high quality, long lasting abrasive nail files with a clear image within the product was quickly recognized as an opportunity for creating nail files for the promotional and retail industries.

What started as a sales pitch from a suit case on the Ocean City, NJ and Ocean City, MD boardwalks quickly turned into a global venture with distributor agreements and a strong retail presence in many markets.  At the request of distributors and retail store owners, Truebite expanded its line to include nail files in multiple sizes and shapes as well as a nail file with a mirrored side and a file with a fabric brush based on our Grabber Glove technology.

Our nail files are carried in many stores across the United States.   Christian bookstores were very early adopters to our products as they could customize their images for many different offerings.  Many store owners approached us with a need for a customizable bookmark which was strong enough to hold a readers spot, but not damage the pages of bibles or other religious books that where often printed on light weight paper.  Our customizable fotomark bookmark line was born and it continues to grow each year because of our ability to customize our products for each store and/or event.

Truebite, Inc. is proud to be the leader in many markets and has participated in a variety of souvenir and gift shows.  We’ve partnered with thousands of promotional distributors, retail stores and buying groups belonging to many associations.  We are constantly evolving and growing to meet the demands for our products.

While we hold several patents on our products and the technology used to create them, we face global competition from foreign manufactures promoting similar products and in some cases they have used our designs without our permission in attempt to offer a sub-standard product for a few pennies less.  Despite these efforts Truebite, Inc. remains the leader in this market for the following reasons:

  • Our products are made of high quality materials.  You may find a cheaper product, but you will not find one comparable for less.
  • Our products are made in the USA!  We believe that loyalty to a domestic workforce is not only a responsible way to conduct our business, but the only way to conduct our business.
  • Our technology is second to none.  We developed the manufacturing processes and continue to improve on them.
  • We remain focused in what we do.  We differentiate ourselves from others in the QUALITY of our service, consistently meeting deadlines and constantly developing internal ways to improve our efficiency. 

We believe a cohesive team only comes from an investment in each other and taking advantage of educational opportunities.

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