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From developing custom bits for cutting, grinding and drilling to the Roll-n-Vac Industrial Extractor, we are proud to deliver over 25 different proprietary products to distributors and retail customers around the world.


Let us tell you all about Truebite Inc. Truebite was incorporated 1985.

Research and development started in 1979. Our founder, Ed Calafut needed to de-grout bathroom tiles in his home. He quickly became frustrated with the tools and options available. Consequently, he created a custom cutting tool for this purpose. In short, the company was born. In summary, over the next several years a variety of cutting tools, drills, and grinding bits were developed using various abrasives, carbide and diamonds.

These tools continue to support the ceramic industry. They are still used by hobbyists and tradesmen today. Click here to learn more.  Many leading tool and bit companies still use Ed’s patents and designs.

Truebite, Inc. remains a leader in this market for the following reasons:

  • All our products are made of high quality materials.
  • Our products are made in the USA! We believe that loyalty to a domestic workforce is a responsible way to conduct our business.  In fact, it is the only way to conduct our business.
  • We’ve developed our manufacturing processes and continue to improve. Our technology is second to none.
  • We remain focused on what we do. Thus, we differentiate ourselves from others in the QUALITY of our service. Truebite Inc. consistently meets deadlines. Also, we are constantly developing new ways to improve our efficiency.

We believe a cohesive team comes from an investment in each other. Thus, we strive to take advantage of educational opportunities.

Edward Calafut President, Truebite Inc.

Ed Calafut,
Founder of Truebite Inc.


Ed Calafut of Vestal, New York founded Truebite Inc. in 1985. He has a unique entrepreneurial spirit. Thus, research and development began several years prior to the formation of his own company.

Ed was formally educated as an Electrical Engineer.  He spent 14 years working for IBM. He gained experience in areas such as manufacturing technologies, business management, purchasing, technical support, and program management. Therefore, Ed became proficient in the process of new product development. Certainly, he learned to manage all of the resources needed to take a product from concept to production.

After several years Ed was ready for a new challenge.  When not working long days or traveling throughout the United States for IBM, Ed was working evenings and weekends to slowly building the framework for Truebite.  This included the development of the product line. Truebite first started out as a niche business focused on cutting bits for the ceramics hobby industry.  Meanwhile, Ed’s passion as an inventor took over and the company grew in many directions.

Ed remains active at Truebite and attributes his success to doing the right thing at the right time. He believes that making his customers successful is the key to his success.  Certainly, spending the extra time to help someone in need is never wasted. In other words, providing the customer with coaching, resources and direction facilitates their growth.

This is a satisfying part of his involvement with Truebite, Inc.  “Communication is key! If we are not involved and invested in our customer’s success, then we are not close enough to provide them the support and direction they may need. Solving an issue before it becomes a problem is our goal…”

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We know what it takes to bring a product from concept to production! We are proud to be a leader in the markets we serve. From our production process to our final products; at Truebite, Inc. we do it right!

The Roll-n-Vac Wet & Dry Industrial Extractor is just one of many products developed by Truebite, Inc. In fact, we have over 25 proprietary products as well as numerous US patents. Our wide range of products includes cleaning tools and cutting bits for the ceramics industry. Additionally, we have developed removable pool seating and much more.  In conclusion, we are constantly pushing the envelope with our research and development.

The Roll-n-Vac Wet & Dry Industrial Extractor, one of many products developed by Truebite, Inc